Monday, June 22, 2020

JUNE CONTEST: A very different kind of prompt!

Assignment: Create one illustration to represent the following story:
Bongo the monkey woke up in the jungle to the sounds of birds cawing and the bright sun shining. He yawned and smiled and felt the hunger in his tummy, which was a bigger hunger than normal, so he climbed down his tree in search of breakfast. He passed the pineapples and thought, "tasty, but I'm tired of pineapple!". He came to the papaya tree and thought "tasty, but I'm tired of papaya." He passed the banana tree but thought, "cliche? if I'm going to be caught eating a banana!"
What he really wanted was a big juicy orange but all the orange trees were on the other side of the alligator infested river!
As he was walking and deciding what to eat he saw Clyde the Alligator floating on the far side of the river looking for his breakfast too! Bongo was so hungry but he couldn't resist teasing Clyde again, so he climbed the tree closest to Clyde. He crawled out on a branch overhanging the river and dangled his tail. Clyde's eyes looked up at the tail dangling just out of his reach, licked his lips, and slowly swam under the naughty monkey. Bongo wiggled his tail and dangled it lower and Clyde's eyes opened up more. Bongo kept lowering his tail more and more as Clyde raised his head out of the water.
Finally with one big surge Clyde exploded out of the water and gulped down Bongo whole and splashed back down into the river! Clyde got his breakfast!
But: Bongo was a particularly smart monkey so he waited for Clyde to swim back across the river. Then he started tickling Clyde's belly from the inside. Clyde did everything he could to hold in his giggles but finally he couldn't take it anymore and busted out laughing -and out popped Bongo!
Quickly Bongo climbed up into the jungle trees and found the biggest and juiciest orange to start his day off right. Now he just had to figure out how to get back!
The end.